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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQs to answer most of your questions

Post Production

Which version of Lightroom is compatible to your workflow?
We use both Lightroom 5 and Lightroom CC/6 for our workflow. We are open to delivering your job in either of the two versions of Lightroom.

How can I transfer the RAW files, won’t transfer size be too large?
You can transfer your RAW files to us through a Lightroom Smart Preview Catalog. Lightroom helps you resize your RAW files and reduce the size of each RAW files by around 95%, without sacrificing the fidelity of the data. Each RAW file in a Smart Preview Catalog is around 1MB in size. This is a very convenient way of transferring your RAW files without the associated data penalty. You can read more about Lightroom Smart Previews here.

How do I create a Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews?
You can use this helpful tutorial  to easily create a Lightroom 5/6 Catalog with Smart Previews?

How do I re-link  the delivered catalog with my RAW files and export the JPEGs?
You can use this helpful tutorial here to easily relink your RAW files and export your files.

How do I get started with the FREE Trial?
Its super simple! Sign up here  and send us 15 RAW images. Also, do fill up your processing preference here.

What if the FREE trial set is not to my liking?
We truly believe that a partnership like this, is pretty much like dating. It requires tons of trust-building and a lot of nurturing, especially in the initial phase. Feel free to point out any gaps in editing or appreciate the editing approach adopted (if you like the output). You’re involved feedback is extremely important for us. All you have to do is post your image specific feedback in the online gallery. We are open to undertaking a few rounds of reviews in order to finally arrive at your precise editing requirement. The aim of this exercise is to nail your requirement and move towards a more objective approach for your projects so that each job is much closer to your requirement.

How will your team be able to replicate my processing style?
We request you to fill up your processing and stylistic requirements in the Processing Preferences form. We encourage you to document your requirements in as much detail as possible and also provide us with links to your own post processing work. This will help us understand your style much better and guide us in reproducing your processing style faithfully. Please note this is only available for Custom Color Jobs.

I use a Photoshop based workflow. Do you use Photoshop?
Yes, we can definitely customize our workflow to run any specific Plugins or Actions that you are using in Photoshop to process your images. We need your help initially until we setup up the custom workflow and workout the process. Do note that these services will be charged additionally.

However, a majority of the work will be done by Lightroom. We do not subscribe to the workflow where each image is edited separately in Photoshop. This is extremely time consuming and will be billed at an hourly rate at 699 INR per hour. The same applies to complex photoshop work such as background removal, subject replacement, etc.

I use various Plugins. Can you replicate the same in Lightroom?
Plugins are highly specific tools which do one thing very very well. For example Portraiture from Imagenomic does skin smoothening very well. Replicating the same in Lightroom is usually difficult. We can get close but the output will not be the same as the results produced by these specific plugins.

What exactly do you mean by Magic Touch?
Magic Touch is  a broad term for various local editing tools we use on your images. Magic Touch includes the below listed options:

  1. Dodging & Burning
  2. Blemish Removal
  3. Skin Smoothening
  4. Eye Sharpening
  5. Split Toning

Custom Color processing helps in editing images with only global sliders such as Exposure, Contrast, Vibrance etc. Any local variation can be corrected using Magic Touch tools, for example if you want to brighten a subject’s face or remove blemishes from a Bride’s face. Magic Touch helps you address a very specific area of image and process them accordingly. Hair Burn, Teeth Whitening etc, will be billed as a part of Magic Touch. Please do note that Magic Touch is charged additionally and is applicable only with Custom Color jobs.

You can team up your Custom Color correction with Magic Touch. Magic Touch will probably not be required on every image. So we let you chose the % of images (stand out) you want Magic Touch on. You can find out your Magic Touch requirement by clicking here.  

I use VSCO presets. Have you worked with them before?
Yes, we have worked with VSCO presets earlier and they are great way to process your images in a unique way. Just share your favourite VSCO preset(s) with us along with the requisite Camera Profiles and we will process your images using them. Write to [email protected] to request for some VSCO samples.

Can I speak to the Designer to convey my requirement more precisely?
Yes, you can definitely speak to any one of our Designers to discuss your processing requirements in detail. This will help us understand your personal processing preferences in depth.

Can the same Designer always handle my jobs?
We ideally train 2-3 Designers to understand your style and produce the output that you will be happy with. This gives us redundancy in case your preferred Designer is unavailable, for example is on leave. It will also help us process multiple projects for you at the same time.

Do you have a minimum order limit?
India : For any services, we have a minimum order of Rs.999 (exclusive of Taxes). For Book Design and Book Print we charge for a minimum of 20 Layouts, irrespective of the number of layouts designed.

Non India : For any services, we have a minimum order of $15 (exclusive of surcharge). For Book Design and Book Print we charge for a minimum of 20 Layouts, irrespective of the number of layouts designed.

Please note that minimum order charges will be applicable even if you are a package holder.

Will editing on Smart Previews compromise the quality ?
Not at all! Smart Previews are lossy, lower-resolution DNG files created from your original RAW files. They can be manipulated in LR the same as your original RAW file but they compress down to just 5% of the original RAW file’s size. And once you get back the catalog and relink them with your RAWs, the edits are applied to your original files, therefore there is absolutely no loss in quality. You can read more about Lightroom Smart Previews here.

Do you calibrate your monitors?
Yes, we calibrate our monitors every week. We calibrate our monitor to 6500K  White Point using Spyder 3 calibrator. In order to consistently get the right results with OODIO, we recommend our customers use similar high grade color calibrated IPS displays with a controlled ambient lighting around the workspace. It is impossible to do accurate color correction, if the monitor is not calibrated regularly and the light around the workspace changes through the day. This is common reason for discrepancy in color correction.

Will I loose my Ratings and Labels once you process the images?
We will make sure we preserve your Ratings and Labels on your set of images. Please make sure to mention this as an extra note in the order form, when you place the online order.

I like culling pictures myself. Is that okay?
Of course! Culling is an optional service.

How can I send you my images?

For Editing Jobs :
You can send us your RAW images via the Lightroom Smart Preview Method  and place an order here. You can also ship Hard Drives, Pen Drives, DVDs, or Blu-Ray disks to the following address.

OODIO, #2815,  5th B Cross, 18th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560038.

Once we have received the Hard Disk, we will ship it back to you free of cost.

For Design + Print  Jobs :

You can send us your Full Resolution JPEGs via Dropbox and place an order here. You can also ship Hard Drives, Pen Drives, DVDs, or Blu-Ray disks to the following address.

OODIO, #2815,  5th B Cross, 18th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560038. 

Once we have received the Hard Disk, we will ship it back to you free of cost.

How long do you archive the jobs once they are delivered?
We aim to maintain your RAW files for 1 month, and the catalog for 3 months once the job has been delivered to you. But these timelines can reduce as we usually optimize our storage capacity during peak season. We strongly urge you to maintain a copy of your RAW files and deliverables from Oodio at your end to safeguard against any storage malfunction.

Do you process JPEG images?
Yes, we do process JPEG images. But kindly note that JPEG images can only be processed under Custom Color Processing. Standard Color does not apply for JPEG images.  Do note for best result we would like to work on RAW images. 95% of our clients work on RAW images.

I have a set with RAW and JPEG images, will you process them?
Yes, we do process sets which consists of a combination of RAW and JPEG files, but this can only be processed as a Custom Color job. Please note that the processing between a RAW file and a JPEG file may not exactly match in such sets.

When you convert Images to Black & White Sepia, Split Tone, do you also provide regular color corrected version of the image?
Yes, we do process sets which consists of a combination of RAW and JPEG files, but this can only be processed as a Custom Color job. Please note that the processing between a RAW file and a JPEG file may not exactly match in such sets.

Will you charge extra for Virtual copies of B&Ws, Sepias, Split Tones?
Yes. Virtual copies will be billed extra, same as the editing rate for the particular job.

Standard Color

Can I get both Standard Color and Custom Color services in the same set?

Yes. However, you can choose which approach you want for an individual event from a Wedding, for example you can opt to process the Mehndi event in Standard Color and the Reception set in Custom Color. This has to be submitted as two different jobs in two different catalogs.

For Standard and Custom Color processing the editing approach undertaken is completely different. Due to this reason the output from from these two kinds of processing will be different and will not necessarily match each other. This might cause the images in a particular series to look different.

Normally, a set, well shot and in good lighting condition, will stand out with Standard Color processing and the more challenging images from a night function- Cocktail, Sangeet, may require Custom Color to get the magic back. Also, custom color is highly recommended, in case you want us to follow your unique signature style of editing.

I like your Standard Color job, but can you make the images more Warmer?
For specific processing requirements we offer you Custom Color service, where you can tell us exactly how you want the images to look. Standard Color job’s editing will look the same, irrespective of who the Photographer is, which is why it is not possible to take down custom requirements for Standard Color Jobs. 

What If I am not satisfied with the Processing of a Standard Color job?
Standard Color processing is a hassle free service where our experienced editors make certain decisions based on your shooting style and ambient lighting in your images before processing them to their best. Due to this subjective nature we do not offer rework or feedback on the Standard Color Service offering. We have an internal quality check where the job is reviewed for Color and Exposure consistency before it is sent out to the customer.

Do you accept JPEG format for Standard Color Service?
JPEG file format is a lossy image file storage format where a particular processing style, selected in your camera, is already applied to the image. Due to this reason, we request for a RAW file while you opt for a Standard Color Service. This gives our editors maximum bandwidth to bring out the best in your images. Custom Color service provides JPEG editing option. It is harder to edit JPEG images as compared to RAW images.

Can I opt for Magic Touch with your Standard Color Service?
No, Magic Touch can only be teamed up with a Custom Color Service.

Custom Color

How do I trust the percentages charged for Magic Touch?
These figures are not exact as it would be very time consuming for us to keep track of every local adjustment made during a job. This is a rough estimate provided by the Editor who worked on your set of images. We do provide you with Lightroom Catalog or XMPs for your reference.

Can you apply a Lightroom Preset or run a Photoshop action, a plug-in which I use for my style?
Absolutely, you can provide us with your own personal Lightroom preset or a Photoshop Action, which you use. We will make sure to use them only on your images.

What if I am not happy with your editing?
We will rework the set until we are closer to achieving your style. However, a word of caution that any form of outsourced editing will only reach 90% to where you would like the edits to be. Incase you want to edit a few images in the set we delivered, you can chose to do it yourself since we provide the catalog and/or XMPS. In case there is a general drift in style or approach we request your in-depth feedback and talk time with our editor to completely help us understand your specific concerns. It usually takes 2-3 jobs before we completely understand and document your processing preferences. We request you to be involved in these initial crucial few jobs to set up a lasting partnership.

We will fix any gaps or minor tweaks in editing by implementing a round of feedback, for a custom color job without any extra charge to you.  However, for this to work, the photographer needs to have a clear and distinct idea of his/her style. Our process works brilliantly for photographers who have a consistent workflow figured out. Editing each set differently would not be possible in the long term. 99% of our jobs are done with no reviews as there is a clear understanding of the output requirements. In fact we directly upload them to the photographer’s website.

Where can I get a rough estimate of the job with Magic Touch?
[wpgc_is_country_code country_code=”IN”]You can access the Job Cost Estimator here.[/wpgc_is_country_code]

[wpgc_is_not_country_code country_code=”IN”]You can access the Job Cost Estimator here.[/wpgc_is_not_country_code]

Is Custom Color better than Standard Color?
For Standard and Custom, the editing approach and workflow undertaken is different. Standard Color works great when you want get basic edits of a large volume of photos, probably coming from multiple shooters. Its faster to turn around and a more cost effective alternative.  

Custom Color is driven by the requirements of the photographer, the style and approach is the essence here. It is a bit more expensive and takes longer to turn around.

Book  Print

What are the different paper options available for printing?
We offer two kinds of paper options – Gloss and Matte. The paper used are professional grade high quality paper which are tuned for Photographic printing. A Gloss finish results in a little more contrast and vibrance in the images. Matte paper gives a classy and subtle finish. We generally do not print on any other substrates such as Velvet, Lustre, Pearl, Metallic etc., as they are poor at accurate color reproduction and also lose form after a few years.

Do you offer only printing services. I would like to design the book myself?
Yes, you are free to design the books yourself, we print your designs at Oodio. Please write to us at [email protected] to get the exact dimension before you get started.

I am not a photographer, but can I get a book designed and printed?
Sure, we will be happy to design and print a book with your cherished photographs. Kindly write to us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements and get your project started.

My photographer has given me JPEG images. Can you design and print a book?
Yes, we will be happy to design and print with the JPEG images provided by your photographer. We just have two concerns regarding the JPEG images – resolution of the images and quality of editing on the images in their current state.  In case we do feel that the images need editing, we will let you know. Please note that the editing of images is charged as a separate service.

We request you to share a few files with us (please mail to [email protected]) so that we can make an informed decision.

I had asked for 20 layouts to be designed, but the books has 25 layouts. Why the extra layouts?
We design books usually with 5-6 images in a layout. However in some special cases, a layout may contain 2-3 images. These variations may occur due to the chronology and segmentation of the events. This may cause the number of layouts to go higher than what you would have preferred. But this usually leads to a better design.

How do you calculate the number of layouts for billing?
We do not charge for the design of the Book Cover, First Page and Last Page, unless you have a requirement for a Custom Design. We charge only for the design of a complete Layout, i.e the left side and right side.

I want all the submitted images to be used in the design. Is that possible to follow precisely?
We ideally request you to allow us to carry out minimal culling during the design of the book. This gives us flexibility while designing the book. If you do require, we can accommodate all the images you have submitted; please select the “No Culling” option when filling up the form.

What are the maximum number of images you can put in a book?
We can accommodate up to 300 images in a book. The resulting book design will usually be around 50 layouts (300 images) for a Digital Offset, 35 layouts (210 images) for SLIM FLushmount and 25 Layouts (150 images) for TRUE Flushmount.

Can you share a per sheet cost for designing + editing?
We would love to provide you with a per sheet cost for designing  + editing.  But both the these services are independent. The per image cost of editing can vary depending on the amount of work you would like us to put in. Write to us find out more!

What are your turnaround times for book design and print?
We have a turn around time of 3 working days to provide you with the first draft of the design and 4 working days for the book to be printed and shipped from our office. This may get extended during peak season.

Does the book cost include design as well?
No, the book cost does not include design charges or the color corrections charges of the individual images used in the book. Design of layouts and color corrections of images are separate services and are charged additionally.

Do you print Coffee Table books?
Yes, we do print Coffee Table Books. Kindly refer to our book print page for more information or write to us at [email protected].

Do you print only wedding books? I have to print a book for my kid’s birthday party?
We print books for any events such as Birthday Party, Kids Shoot, Baby Shower, Maternity Shoot, House Warming, Engagement, Couple Shoot, House Functions, Naming Ceremony, Portfolio Book that will help you preserve and cherish your memories. Provided us your images and we will give you a book you will always treasure.

What is a Press Book?

Press Books are designed to open completely flat so images can be bleeded across the spine. These books are printed using Digital Offset technology to the highest color reproductions standards. Progressive Layflat binding helps you achieve books with layflat opening and high number of layouts (upto 50 layouts / 100 pages) in one book.

The Press books have a very thin gutter line – about 0.4mm – along the spine of the book. This gutter line will be visible across any image that is bleeded across the spine.

What is a Magnum Album?
Flushmount books are designed to provide the viewer a seamless experience in viewing the books. In these books the right side and left side of a Layout is one continuous photographic print. This gives the advantage of bleeding images seamlessly across the spine.

Flushmount books are printed on professional grade photographic paper using Silver Halide printing, which is a continuous tone printing technology.

What is the difference between a SLIM and a TRUE Magnum Album?
In TRUE Magnum book a thin substrate is placed in between sides of the print, before the consecutive pages of the book are bonded together. This provides a board like feel to each page and provides good heft to a TRUE Magnum book. Due to the inherent thickness of each page TRUE Magnum books are limited to 25 Layouts/50 Pages.

In SLIM Magnum books,  the consecutive pages of the book are glued together with a thin film. This provides a page feel to a SLIM Flushmount book. A SLIM Magnum can accommodate up to 40 Layouts/80 Pages.

Layouts, Spread, Sheets, Pages etc all these terms are confusing. Can you explain these?
A Layout/Spread/Sheet consists of the left side and right side of a book design (like a magazine’s centre spread). Whereas a Page/Side refers to either the right side or left side of a book design. For example a 20 Layout/Spread book design has an equivalent of 40 Pages/Sides.

Where are the books printed?
The books are printed with multiple vendors depending on the type of book you order. We also work with other suppliers, vendors and design agencies who provide us with boxing and packaging solutions.

Book Design

Do I get to review the design? How can I communicate the changes?
We have an online proofing system where you can leave comments as to the changes you require in any of the layouts. This is the most convenient and fast method for you to leave feedback on the designs.

How many times can I revise the design?
We provide two rounds of complimentary consolidated feedback to review the book designs.  Once we have shared the first review link, you can punch in your layout specific comments in the link provided. We will make the changes and share the second review link. Any further changes beyond 3rd review onwards, will be charged per layout basis.

Can you do only the design and let me print elsewhere?
Yes, we can definitely design your book and you are free to choose the printer of your choice. The design services for such orders are treated as Custom Design and will be billed accordingly.

How many images can a book accommodate, does it change with the size?
The size of the book has little bearing on the number of images that the book can hold. It is the design that dictates the number of images that a book will contain.

Our design generally accommodates 5-6 images per layout or 100-120 images for a  20 layout/spread or a 40 sides/pages book. We usually do not recommend adding more images as this hampers the design and can make it feel cramped. In case you would like to add more images, you can definitely increase the number of layouts in the book.

Can I use a custom font in my book design?
Yes, you can definitely use a Custom Font on your book design. Kindly provide us with the font when you are submitting a design job and make sure that we use your font for the design. Please note that due to restrictions on a majority of the fonts for commercial usage, we kindly request you to provide the font to us and not just the name of the font. This will help us turn around the sets quickly.

Can you directly interact with my client to implement the feedback?
Yes, we will definitely interact with your clients directly to implement their feedback to finalize the design of the book, making it  as hassle free as possible for you. We will also regularly keep you updated on our interactions with your clients so you are always in the loop.

Can you design a custom sized book?
Yes, we can design a custom sized book as per your printers specifications. Please share the custom size along with the safe margin dimensions. We will design the book as per your requirements. You can also write to us at [email protected] to discuss your unique requirements on custom design. Do note that the charges applicable for the custom design are higher than usual.

Can you add graphic elements or text in the book design?
We generally follow a minimalistic design approach, where the emphasis is on images to create a strong narrative of the events. We do add minimalistic graphic elements like borders, solid background and text through the design. If you are exclusively looking for a graphic based design kindly email us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


What exactly do you mean by a Package?
Packages are a great way of working with OODIO. Purchase credits in advance and enjoy up to 20% off on your edit, design and print orders. Credits get consumed on fulfillment of your orders and there are no hidden package fee or retainers. A personal dashboard is issued to you for tracking used/unused amount along with other job specific details.

Is your Package amount a fixed deposit?
The amount towards your Package can be completely utilized against any services offered by Oodio. We do not hold any part of the payment as a deposit.

What is Oodio Package referral policy?
If a referral given by you successfully matures into an OODIO Package holder, bonus credits are passed to your Package account depending on the Package purchased by your referral . For more details, please refer the document here .

Do the discounts apply on all services and products offered by Oodio?
Package discounts apply on most services and products offered by Oodio. Only exceptions are Package discounts do not apply on

  • Culling for Book Designs
  • Paid Feedback for Book Design

What happens to the credits if the validity of my Package expires?
Your credits are still usable towards the various services offered by Oodio even if validity of your Package expires. You can still send us jobs and utilize your credits, but the pricing reverts back to Pay-As-You-Go model and the discounts cease to apply. But this rarely happens as we have observed our Package holders utilize their credits well before the validity expires.

Can I cancel a Package midway?
If due to unavoidable circumstances you are unable to continue with your Package, we may decide to cancel your Package by mutual agreements. This is usually done on a case by case basis. Any applicable taxes is non refundable (e.g GST).

Can I pay the Package amount in installments?
Packages can be purchased only by making payment of the complete amount in one installment.

How do I track the remaining Credits in my Package?
We share a Dashboard with each of our Package holder. The link to your Dashboard can be found at the bottom of each review email we send out. The Dashboard helps package holders track the amount of credits used, the status of various jobs amongst other details. If you haven’t received the link to your Dashboard or having trouble accessing your Dashboard please write to [email protected].

How do I get a clarification on the pricing reflecting in my Dashboard?
The pricing is automatically calculated in your Dashboard for each of the jobs carried out so far. The pricing used for calculating the value of each job is pre agreed with each member. If you do find discrepancy in the rates please write to us at [email protected].

Shipping and Logistics

Who are your shipping partners?
Your Oodio Signature Book is shipped across India through Delhivery or DTDC.  If you would like us to ship your book through an alternate service provider, we will ship the book via BlueDart. Kindly note that additional charges will apply.

Can you ship directly to my client’s address?
Sure! Please provide us with the exact postal address and phone number of your client. We will ship the book directly to them.

How do I know when my Book is ready and shipped?
We send you an email with the tracking number for your book once we have shipped it from our office. This helps you  know the exact status of your book during shipping. If you are a Package holder, this information can also be accessed through your Dashboard.

How much do your charge for shipping?
We charge a flat rate of Rs.599 for shipping all across India.

I have multiple orders to the same shipping address. Will the shipping fee reduce?
The volumetric weight and actual weight of shipping multiple books increases proportionately hence the shipping cost cannot be decreased. Shipping cost include handling and packaging charges on top of courier expenses. We take utmost care in packing and shipping your books. Each individual book is carefully packed with adequate padding using bubble wrap and high density foam. The padded books are then placed in special packing boxes before being shipped. The effort and care taken to pack each book is the same for a single copy or multiple copies. This adds to the cost of the shipping.

I would like to pick my book from your office. Is that possible?
Yes, off- course! No shipping and packaging charges will apply if you are hand picking the book from our office.


When do I make the payment for the order?
We raise the invoice once you place your job order online. You need to make the full payment once you receive an email with the invoice. Your order gets immediately scheduled in our system, once the payments is confirmed. The details for making the payment are provided in the invoice.

How can I make the payment (India)?
You can make the payment online through a NEFT/IMPS/RTGS/UPI or GPay to transfer. We would recommend using GPay since its the fastest and zero transaction fee method to transfer payments in India. Please note GPay would require you to add the bank account details, there is no mobile number associated with our GPay account.

The payment can also be made through Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking / Wallets using our online payment gateway. Please click here to make payments. Please note that you will need to pay 1.9% extra when using there modes of payments.

Do you accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards?
Yes, we use do accept payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Net Banking. We use Instamojo to facilitate the online payments modes. Please do note that this payment method has a surcharge of 1.9% on your final invoice amount. Please note that this is not applicable for international payments made outside India.

How do I make a payment if I am based outside India?
We accept payments outside India using Transferwise. Please find the details below on how to make the payment.

Step 1: Setup Your Transferwise Account : Setup your account through Transferwise. Once account is open, verify your identity with a Photo ID, Proof or Address, and/or a picture of you holding that ID. It usually takes about 2 working days. Verification requirements vary by region, and can be read here
Step 2: Add Oodio Bank Details
  • Account Number: 50200021275917

  • Bank: HDFC Bank

  • Beneficiary: Snapchai Productions Private Limited

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0001755

Step 3: Initiate Payment : Make the payment to [email protected]
While we prefer Transferwise for its ease and low transaction costs, in case you wish to make the payment via Paypal you can pay to [email protected]

Can you provide me with your NEFT details?
Please make sure that you always use Beneficiary name as “Snapchai Productions Pvt Ltd” and not “Oodio”.

Account Number: 50200021275917
Bank: HDFC Bank
Beneficiary: Snapchai Productions Private Limited
IFSC Code: HDFC0001755

Do you charge GST in India?
Yes. We charge a GST of 18% as per government regulations on our services and our products. 

Turn Around Time

What are your turnaround times?

While we turn around 95% of the  jobs in less than 3 working days , however during the peak season we are quite loaded and hence we follow the guidelines given below.

For Post Production, we follow the below timelines:

  1. For Members: we will schedule the job within 5 working days and deliver the jobs within 5 working days thereafter depending on the size of the job.
  2. For Non-Members: For we will schedule your job within 7 working days and deliver the jobs within 5 working days thereafter depending on the size of the job.

For Book Design + Print : We will aim to deliver the first draft of the design for a review within 3 working days. The print order will take 4 working days once the design has been approved before 12:00 PM IST.

  1. In case there is extensive culling, the timelines will increase.
  2. In case you opted for the images to be processed, the timelines will increase.

For Book Design, we will aim to deliver the first draft of the design for a review within 3-4 working days.

  1. In case there is extensive culling, the timelines will increase.
  2. In case you opted for the images to be processed, the timelines will increase.

For Book Print, we will aim to ship the book within 7-9 working days. The delivery timelines are subjected to the below conditions:

  1. The jobs will be scheduled only after the payment has been confirmed.
  2. For post production jobs the delivery timeline depends on how big the job is. A small set of 200-300 images will be quicker to deliver than a set of 2000+ images.
  3. Do note that the timelines are applicable only after we have received complete information regarding your job, all the requisite images and job order has been placed online. A job submitted before 11:00 am IST in the morning is counted as Day 1 and for jobs submitted post 11:00 am IST the next working day is considered as Day 1.
  4. If there is a delay in the delivery of your job due to unavoidable circumstances, we will intimate you immediately.

In case you want the job to be scheduled immediately, you can opt for a Rush Job Service.

Where can I place the order for the jobs?
You can place orders online through our website using the links provided below:

  1. Post Production
  2. Book Design & Print
  3. Book Print
  4. Book Design
  5. Post Processing, Design & Print

Do you offer a Rush Job Service?
Yes, we will start your job the next working day itself. Your cost estimate will be bumped up by 50%. In effect you will pay 1.5 times the original price for a rush delivery. This is not applicable for Print order.