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Siva Haran

Talented team, great output and a fantastic customer support

Kaushlesh Biyani

Oodio delivers unparalleled quality to my clients. I love that they deliver quick, but I still have 100% control over my images!

Anirban Brahma

Great attention to detail & quality – Oodio is now an integral part of my workflow. Love working with these Guys.

Kishor Krishnamoorthi

I love working with Oodio, always reliable, excellent output and great service!

Abby Paul

Oodio is amazing to work with! They provide quick, responsive, caring, and helpful communication and customer service. Their editing is amazing! They are also super fast with turn around times but give the most high quality of any editing company I have ever used.

Nishant Ratnakar

As a photographer, the biggest challenge is to have a post production process that consistently maintains high quality and deliverable in tight deadlines.Oodio precisely does that for me.

Venkata Rajesh P

You guys are doing a kickass job. The books are  truly mind blowing. I am simply thrilled at the product. The customer service has always been top notch. 

Elangovan Subramanian

Oodio takes care of my entire post production process with amazing quality and unmatchable turn around time, Now I got time for the things I love the most, photography & travel.

Kamal Kiran

Great team and fantastic albums! Love the turn around time and the professionalism at which you guys deliver the pics and reply to emails!


Oodio prints, add elegance to our final product with great team, delivery time, personalized branding, design, brilliant quality of paper in harmony with great printing technology.

Aviraj Saluja

Oodio is a very reliable, efficient and trusted partner for our post-production workflow.

Kismet Nakai

Oodio is a place where professionalism and perfectionism combine making it the perfect pit stop for any photographer.

Sagarneel Biswas

I am capturing wedding since late 2010 and have worked with multiple companies. if I have to rate among them, I would rate Oodio the highest. I would confidently recommend Oodio to every friends of mine.

Elvin Jacob

Editing is a personal and subjective practice, the fact that Oodio has mastered the craft to suit preferences of each of their clients is amazing. Their processes turn chaos into order and it’s an absolute delight to see the output – be it in digital or print.

Jaideep Chowdhary

Amazing. Prompt. Professional. My favorite team for coffee table books and color management!


Thank you for all your immense support and continuous efforts in making my work a success story each time!

Raghu and Ram

Oodio is a boon for all the up and coming wedding photographers who want to save time and money on post-processing without a spot of bother about the output quality.”

Sashikanth Kaja

A fully customisable service, at an unbelievable price point. Highly recommended!

Priti Ganatra

A professional team that strives to ensure accurate color reproduction in print and consistently delivers fabulous custom photobooks in a hassle free environment

Anumitha Sharma

Oodio- One stop shop for printing and colour management solutions!

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