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250+ Photographers across the world

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Siva Haran, Canada

Talented team, great output and a fantastic customer support.

Sephi Bergerson, Israel/India

I’ve been working with Oodio for a large part of my post production process since the last two years. I’ve always had a great experience of timely delivery, and international level of customer service. This helps me simplify my workflow and save a huge amount of valuable time.

Marianne Chua, United Kingdom

Not only are they fab value for money, OODIO’s magic touch service of local adjustments changed my life! They’re wonderfully communicative and care about all the tiny adjustments I barely notice myself. Outsourcing editing generally is something that I couldn’t go back from, getting my time back to focus on what I’m good at and letting the experts take care of everything else is the best thing I’ve done for my business!

Anirban Brahma

Great attention to detail & quality – Oodio is now an integral part of my workflow. Love working with these Guys.

Kishor Krishnamoorthi

I love working with Oodio, always reliable, excellent output and great service!

Kaushlesh Biyani

Oodio delivers unparalleled quality to my clients. I love that they deliver quick, but I still have 100% control over my images!

Ramit Batra

Fabulous Post to Print services with quality work & timely delivery. Oodio is a blessing for the Busy Photographer – giving her/him the freedom to focus on photoshoots while letting the team at oodio handle culling, editing, selection, layouts & album prints

Going Bananas Photography

Oodio to us is more than just a “perfect fit” into our workflow. They make sure they understand our editing style and needs. One of the best things about the team is how well they are able to take feedback and incorporate it, and even take things up a notch on their own initiative. Oodio always believes in under-promising and over-delivering, and often the catalogs come back to us before the deadline. No review can do justice to the relationship that we have developed, it is more than just a work relationship, we consider them to be family.

Recall Pictures

Prompt service with helpful staff makes Oodio an absolute delight to work with.

Shreya Sen

The print quality of the album is absolutely great. More than anything the service at Oodio from each and every team member is absolutely outstanding. Everyone is extremely patient, cooperative and prompt in their responses.

Kari Bellamy

I’ve been using Oodio for post processing and they’ve been fab. At first I was nervous about using a service abroad, but I’ve found their attention to detail, customer service and turn around times to be top notch.

Cheesecake Project

Oodio has been a phenomenal help to our little business, helping us offer top class products to our clients. Their impeccable service and turnaround time (like nothing else in the industry) is something we treasure wholeheartedly. Thank you Oodio, for making this such a dream.

Chrissy Gilmartin

Oodio is AMAZING!!! They have been absolutely WONDERFUL and have given me my life back. They have done an amazing job at making sure my pictures are edited to my exact specifications, and they are fast, professional, and just plain RAD! So, if you are ready to get your life back and not be stuck editing your life away, CALL THEM! You will not regret it!!

Cat Ekkelboom-White

Working with Oodio has given me my life back! They got to know me and my style of editing really fast and now when I get a gallery back, I barely have to make any adjustments to the final gallery before I send it.

Venkata Rajesh P

Having printed over 50 books from Oodio over the last 3 years, I can say with conviction that Oodio is the best post production, book design and photo book company. 

Minchu Studios

Its been a pleasure working with OODIO, timely delivery and a very good customer support. Thank you for all the professionalism involved!

Aviraj Saluja

Oodio is a very reliable, efficient and trusted partner for our post-production workflow.

Sagarneel Biswas

I am capturing wedding since late 2010 and have worked with multiple companies. if I have to rate among them, I would rate Oodio the highest. I would confidently recommend Oodio to every friends of mine.

Manas Saran

Great team, personalized service and quick, timely delivery. Highly recommended.

Elangovan Subramanian

Oodio takes care of my entire post production process with amazing quality and unmatchable turn around time, Now I got time for the things I love the most, photography & travel.

Elvin Jacob

Editing is a personal and subjective practice, the fact that Oodio has mastered the craft to suit preferences of each of their clients is amazing. Their processes turn chaos into order and it’s an absolute delight to see the output – be it in digital or print.

Nishant Ratnakar

As a photographer, the biggest challenge is to have a post production process that consistently maintains high quality and deliverable in tight deadlines.Oodio precisely does that for me.

Varun Kodolicker

Professional, prompt and extremely friendly guys . I have enjoyed every service /product they have to offer and I have always had a happy experience. Highly recommended !

Samson Kosana

Oodio has the best team that takes things to another level of personal when it comes to editing, designing and delivery. I have worked with various other companies but Oodio rules over.

Shan Ambigaipagan

Working with Smita and team for a few years now and they are an extension of my team. I cannot thank them enough for all that they do! Incredible customer service and fast turn around. Thank you so much for being awesome all the time!

Kamal Kiran

Great team and fantastic albums! Love the turn around time and the professionalism at which you guys deliver the pics and reply to emails!


Oodio prints, add elegance to our final product with great team, delivery time, personalized branding, design, brilliant quality of paper in harmony with great printing technology.

Harsh Seksaria

Amazing team and brilliant super fast work done to perfection!

Gayatri Nair

I have been using the post-processing and album making services for OODIO for about 3+ years now and I have to say, I am very very satisfied and confident with their work. They’re reliable, affordable and most of all, professional!

Jaideep Chowdhary

Amazing. Prompt. Professional. My favorite team for coffee table books and color management!

Love Shoot Repeat

One of the best in India in terms of album quality, client management, delivery timelines. My client was ecstatic to receive such a beautiful album & I cant thank enough Oodio Team for their efforts.

Kirti Nair

It’s a special feeling when I get to see my work in print and Oodio makes it even more personal and not to forget easy! Easy process, extremely helpful, great quality and spoilt for choice – that should sum my experience up.

Priti Ganatra

A professional team that strives to ensure accurate color reproduction in print and consistently delivers fabulous custom photobooks in a hassle free environment

Sandesh Kumar

Oodio is an integral part of my business, I now have a lot of spare time to think about how I can excel as an artiste!

Nishchay Shinde

Oodio is a hassle free solution I got. My clients absolutely love the quality. Right from their quality of print to the time taken for the complete process of album making, they are a top notch brand.

Kismet Nakai

Oodio is a place where professionalism and perfectionism combine making it the perfect pit stop for any photographer.

Anumitha Sharma

Oodio- One stop shop for printing and colour management solutions!

Dreamcatcher Photography

We have been capturing weddings since 2012 and have been associated with Oodio since the past two years and it’s been a great journey so far. We have printed multiple photo books from Oodio and the quality has always been consistent. The Oodio team is extremely professional, reliable and provides service with an excellent turnaround time.


Thank you for all your immense support and continuous efforts in making my work a success story each time!

Sashikanth Kaja

A fully customisable service, at an unbelievable price point. Highly recommended!

Abby Paul

Oodio is amazing to work with! They provide quick, responsive, caring, and helpful communication and customer service. Their editing is amazing! They are also super fast with turn around times but give the most high quality of any editing company I have ever used.

Raghu and Ram

Oodio is a boon for all the up and coming wedding photographers who want to save time and money on post-processing without a spot of bother about the output quality.

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