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How to send my images?

Please upload the zipped RAW files on any one of the file storage sites, and generate the download link. Paste that link in the form on the right. Here are our favorite services Google DriveDropboxCopy, WeTransfer.

We recommend a selection from varied lighting conditions, to get a better sense of OODIO’s processing approach.


What will I get back?

We will process the images and get back to you with the following

  • 15 Post Processed images in Standard Color
  • 5 – 10 Post Processed images in Custom Color as Virtual Copies
  • Post Processed images with Magic Touch as Virtual Copies.
  • Black and White images as Virtual Copies.
  • Split Tone images as Virtual Copies

We will deliver an online gallery (where you can directly leave your feedback for each image), a download link for the processed images and the Lightroom Catalog for your reference.


When will I get my images back?

Once you send across your 15 RAW images and have filled the processing preferences, we will deliver your processed images in 3 working days usually


I have a few questions?

Please go through our FAQs. In case you have any other queries please call us at +91 9876228181.

* please note that this FREE trial in only applicable for Professional Photographers.


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