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LITE books


clean, light and a minimal book to make your photographs everlasting

 Happiness comes in all shapes and size, so do our books

9" x  9"

(Medium Square)


9" x  11"

(Medium Landscape)


12" x  12"

(Large Square)


12" x  15"

(Large Landscape)


Printing and Binding


All our books are printed with the best printing process and materials

  • Stain Proof Sheets
  • Available in Matte and Gloss




Little Things Matter

Little touches that personalizes the album for every bride and groom.

  • Custom Message Card
  • Spec Sheet with your Contact Info
  • QR code and Web link to the album
  • All with your Logo and Signage


Branding & Packaging

We don’t brand the books, you do. This comes from your production house.

  • We add your logo to the back of the Book
  • All albums come with exquisite packaging
  • A personalised message to the Bride & Groom
  • Functional and elegant packaging design


Thoughtful Design

Each of our coffee table book tells a story, and with every wedding there is a very special story to be told. We draw the viewer to the moment, captivating them visually and emotionally. If you are a discerning photographer, you will notice that our coffee table book design are individually crafted to perfection - nothing overlooked.


Steering the Eye

Composition, and the skilled use of the positive and negative spaces brings the wedding album design to life.


Pacing and Rhythm

In our wedding album designs, the order in which the images are sequenced is given due diligence. The meaning of an image is altered by placing one picture against another so very careful choices are made.


Balance and Symmetry

The dark and big images are considered heavier, while bright and small photographs are considered to be lighter. We design coffee table book layouts to bring about harmony and symmetry with such images.


Telling a Story

 Combining images gives the wonderful opportunity to tell a story. Intelligent organisation, sizing and positioning of all the photos  in concert with each other.


Flow and Consistency

The Ebb and Flow of the activities taking place on the wedding day are reproduced. The entire book has a single consistent theme.


Colors and Typography

Color temperature creates mood and spatial effect. The right Type, Font, Kerning and Size are chosen to define the mood of the layout.

Book Design Samples

Beautiful well balanced layouts. Use the arrow keys on the left and right to view the slide show.

Click below to view more Sample designs