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30 Images

Standard Color

Quick. Fast. Easy We edit upto 30 RAW Images for you for FREE.  You will get a few sample Magic Tough, B&W conversions and Split Tones also.  We will give you a short write up with the analysis of the images, and rationale behind our editing preferences. Upload  a ZIP or RAR file with 30 or less RAW Images from different lighting conditions for the best results.


Custom Color

For the Discerning Photographer If you already know what you want, you have your own style and preferences. Then this is for you. This Trial Job lets you edit up to 30 RAW images for FREE.  However, we will need you to fill up this style sheet (Warning : Its a tad bit long). After this our designer will try to match the images as close as possible to your requirement and send the edited images back to you.

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Album Design

30 Images, 4-6 Layouts Go Ahead and give us up to 30 Images. We will create 4-6 layouts and show you what our design team can do.