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At PEP, we believe in the power of us, the event and portrait photography community. From skill building and education to facilitating better connections within the community, PEP aims to deliver high impact work in India and around the world. Join us today, for we truly are stronger together.



An experience unlike any other for you, the Indian wedding and portrait photographer. Meet global masters – Jerry Ghionis, Jesh De Rox, Brian Smith – as we push harder to find the extraordinary in the ordinary through seminars and intensive workshops. Also on stage are: Divinemethod Photography, Joseph Radhik, The Wedding Filmer, Audi Photography, Stories by Joseph Radhik, Patrick Colpron, Rashmi Bansal and more!
Three days, Mumbai, April 21-23, 2017
One day, Mumbai, workshops, April 24, 2017

Oodio at PEP

Stalls, Workshops and Fun.

We got Pepped!

PEP Asia was a truly amazing experience for the Wedding Photographers across India and beyond. This fantastic event brought together the leading wedding Photographic minds from across the world for three days of intense seminars and workshops. Oodio was at the heart of this, delivering a talk on The Ideal Workflow – the best practices for your post shoot workflow.  The talk, attended by over 250 participants, covered topics from Culling, Storage, and Editing, gleaned from Oodio’s 6 years of working with some of the top Wedding Photographers.

Oodio, one of only 4 top sponsors, also had a display lounge showcasing their premium range of Wedding Books. The Book Range targeted towards the premium segments combines exquisite design and book making workmanship.

As usual it was great meeting up with our fun loving clients for three days madness.
There is never a dull moment when this bunch is around. Check out our PEP gallery for fun pics.!