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covid 19

Most of our clients around the world, may be in isolation or have limited business. We urge you to stay strong and safe. It a tough situation for all of us, but we are sure we will come out strong from this.

At OODIO, we will be using this time to work hard “on the business, not in the business”. That includes continuing development on products and services. We are still accepting orders for Post Production, Design and Print. It will also be “business as usual” with online support over the web chat, email and WhatsApp, as those of us who can work from home will continue to do so.

As you take this time to focus on your business strengthening your online presence, we are sure that both of us will be a better position once things start returning to normal.



Let’s use this time off to work on your skills, and ability. We are providing free One on One sessions for our clients across the world. Here are few options to get started with